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December 13, 2004

Random Facts

A string of random interesting/strange facts I recently collected while browsing through some online journal archives:

1. Women more frequently recall their dreams than men. (Schredl & Piel 2003)

2. Homosexual men gamble less frequently than heterosexual men. Homosexual women gamble more frequently than heterosexual women. (Hershberger & Bogaert 2004)

3. Homosexual men have larger penises than heterosexuals. (Bogaert & Hershberger, 1999)

4. Spirituality is linked to lower levels of boredom proneness in women. (MacDonald & Holland 2002)

5. Preference for dimmer light while eating is positivly correlated with bulimia in restrained eaters. (Kasof 2002)

6. The heritability of subjective well-being in women is .55, and in men, .46. (R°ysamb et al. 2002)

7. Men who indicate a relatively high interest in celebrities may have some mild psychopathology (Maltby et al. 2002)

8. Predominantly white faces are rated as less masucline but more attractive than predominantly black faces. This is not due to an "own-race" bias. (Wade et al. 2004).

9. Light-eyed individuals are more likely than dark-eyed individuals to abuse alcohol. (Bassett & Dabbs 2001)

10. Among inmates who commit homicide, those high in testosterone more often know their victims and planned their crimes ahead of time. (Dabbs et al. 2001)

Posted by God Fearing Atheist at 02:56 PM