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December 22, 2004

A Lingua Franca Classic

Dusting off my bookmark shelf and I found a link to a memorable 1999 Lingua Franca article about the Sociobiology Wars. The link was, of course, as dead as Lingua Franca, so I ran it through the always useful Wayback Machine: Oh My Darwin!: Who's the Fittest Evolutionary Thinker of Them All?. There's a nostalgia factor here because this article was probably my first encounter with the topic, so anyone curious or new to the "Gould vs. Dawkins" rift might want to check it out. Those that have already read book-length treatments of the topic like Defenders of the Truth or The Triumph of Sociobiology probably won't get much more out of it than they already know outside of a few Hamilton and Pinker quotes they haven't heard before. ;)

Posted by Jason Malloy at 07:53 PM