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January 06, 2005

ID Excoriated - Again

Steve Verdon takes Joe Carter, from the Evangelical Outpost, out to the woodshed on the issue of Intelligent Design.

I know that we've all seen this play out countless times before, but Steve's comprehensive post is well reasoned and a pleasure to read.

It leaves me wondering how the IDers persist in their quest when they are taken down, time and again. It surely isn't reason and evidence that drives them, but we knew that, didn't we.

Here is a post on the academic qualifications of Intelligent Design boosters and here is the link to Project Steve, a parody on the ID tactic of listing academics who believe in ID.

Don't miss Steve's follow-up post which is hilarious for he quotes an ID defender invoking Age of Empires as a rebuttal in debate.

Posted by TangoMan at 10:08 PM