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January 16, 2005

La Griffe's Latest

It's becoming such a rare event to see La Griffe publishing a new essay I thought I'd alert everyone to his latest, Cognitive Decline: The Irreducible Legacy of Open Borders.

It's pretty well done though I wish he'd have focused a little more on a reduction in GDP per capita growth rather than modeling declines in GDP per capita. As I see it a decrease in the smart faction will first start to erode the growth prospects, and only once the tipping point has been reached will there be actual declines in growth.

Also, there are countries like Canada which seek to attract educated immigrants, and unlike the US, many of those immigrant populations have higher mean levels of education than native born citizens.

These points however don't take away from Griffe's main thesis, though I think that he should have addressed them just to forestall their use as blanket rebuttals.

Posted by TangoMan at 01:20 PM