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January 18, 2005

Days of Wine and RosÚs

I found this story quite humorous.

Ken Jacques just bought nearly 125,000 bottles of wine for $100. That's less than a penny a dozen.

And this isn't cheap wine, either. It sells for $9 to $15 a bottle at your local store.

[ . . . . ]

One man arrived late, so he was out. The second prospective bidder was a representative from James Estate hoping to push up the bidding amount or buy back the wine, according to Jacques. When the man's liquor license didn't check out, the sheriff's staff escorted him from the warehouse.

That left Jacques and another bidder, a multimillionaire well known in the wine industry.

"He looked at me and checked me out like we were playing poker," Jacques said. "I anticipated we'd have a couple buyers there to purchase everything for $100,000 to $150,000."

Jacques threw down $100, and when the millionaire didn't bid, Jacques won.

"I could have easily bid just a dollar," Jacques said, in retrospect. "But that just didn't seem right - it was too sweet of a deal."

Indeed. The Wine Enthusiast, a top industry publication, gave most of the wines a high 80s rating, meaning it's above average, good-quality wine.

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