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January 24, 2005

Muslim Madonna

(Cross-posted at my site, Organic republican)

Report on a South Asian, muslim, Norwegian born pop singer named Deeyah, whose slightly risgue style has angered enough muslims in Norway that she has fled to England for her own safety. Reading several reports on the subject of this singer and her plight, as well as watching some of her videos makes me wonder: is the anger she is generating completely attributable to her being a muslim who bares skin, or is there some sense of frustration from her fellow South Asians for her westernizing their traditional culture?

One thing that I think stands out in this case is that she is not an apostate, she is still a practicing muslim. So she stands as a success story for the west, a woman who draws on her heritage and her birth country's culture and values and successfully blends them to become a moderate ethnic/religious role model. Too bad she is being run out of country after country, maybe she'll have to finally move to the U.S.

Any way, I don't care. She's a good singer, with an interesting style. And, oh yeah, she's hot.

Addendum from Razib: Please note that in the Norwegian context "South Asian" is basically synomous with people of Pakistani origin. This is a community that has had some issues with assimilation. Also, please note that a recent Miss Norway of half-Persian origin was discovered to have some done hard-core porn.



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