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February 06, 2005

Ladies' Choice

My New Year's Resolution was to get way more serious, and write elegant, severe posts with lashings of bibliographies. But I have something I must get off my chest first.

Laura visited us last month and said this--

I've been reading gnxp for awhile now and have noticed the on going pattern that occurs on this site. There is much talk of superior intelligence and the contemplatings of much higher things and the deep seeded thoughts of scientific minds then WHAM! some form of women cheese cake is smeared all over the sight followed by various comments of "me like" I find it interesting that despite the higher brow of thought that occurs in this site that men cannot get past/seperate their most desperatly unsatisfied urges. It just goes to show that no matter how much they achive the mind of a man is still a very simple thing.

Heh. We XX are just as interested in sex as our XY contemporaries, but we don't cue our sexual preferences strictly off two dimensional visual offerings. We are also interested in SES and percieved IQ. So here is my version of "man-cheesecake". We will use "intellectual quality" to simulate IQ and SES, and the candidates are drawn from a pool of scientists whose writings should be familiar to the grrls who read here. Without further ado, please vote for Which Intellectual Superstar of Gene Expression Would You Rather Sleep With?

Stephen Pinker-- "reputed to be quite the swordsman"

Pascal Boyer-- "sensitive and gallic"

Spencer Wells-- "bracing and outdoorsy"

Steve Sailer-- "radio-active! rrrrowh!"


Godless Capitalist-- "he comes and goes like Zorro" prolly has a price on his head, too!

ScottM aka Scorpy-- "Dark Pleasures"

Razib "Sheik Fever" Khan-- "Beware of Tasp"

jeff.jpg "/>

Jeff "Special Request of Jemima" Percifield-- "Ultimate Transgender Appeal"

Which Do You Prefer?
Stephen Pinker
Pascal Boyer
Spencer Wells
Steve Sailer
Godless Capitalist
Razib Khan
Jeff Percifield

See Laura? It is sooo much more fun to turn them into sex-objects!

Posted by jinnderella at 04:17 PM