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February 20, 2005

Parliamentarians in prison = security?

The DutchReport, a blog from Holland, reports that in response to death threats from Islamist extremists, Geert Wilders is being housed, not in a well-guarded safe house, but in the same prison that held the Lockerbie terrorists. Almost as bad is that Hirsi Ali has been forced to live in a Marine barracks in Amsterdam. That's right, Wilders is in prison, and Hirsi might as well be.

Hirsi Ali says the situation is also no longer temporary. She already had to leave her own house in September 2002. But she can not reach agreement with the NCBB about a permanent residence: "Their objective is that is has to be a secret location, without a view, a house where nobody can see you. That way you always have the risk that you have to move, if some does see you."

I hate to say it, but Lawrence Auster is dead on:

So, as a direct result of the Dutch having given Moslems the liberty to enter and live in the Netherlands, a Dutch representative who calls for restrictions on this immigration loses either his liberty, or his life. . . Had that Moslem immigration not been permitted in the first place, Dutchmen would still have complete freedom to discuss whom they wanted to admit into their country; but because they admitted Moslems, they now face the prospect of having their heads sawn off if they exercise that freedom.

Hat tip: VFR

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