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February 21, 2005

The Job of Your Dreams (or Nightmares)

SCSUScholars points to this job vacancy posting at St. Cloud State University.

Assistant Professor of Human Relations & Multicultural Education-Probationary

Responsibilities: Human Relations and Multicultural Education is an interdisciplinary department that emphasizes student-centered pedagogy and examines the impact of power, resources, cultural standards, and institutional policies and practices on various groups in our society. Responsibilities include:

1. The position's primary responsibility is to teach a dynamic introductory course addressing the complexity of race and racism using an oppression framework which analyzes institutional and personal racism and race relations in the United States.
2. May teach other appropriate courses in human relations and multicultural education when needed, as determined by department. The theoretical base of the department includes a global critical framework of structural oppression, social and environmental justice and the interrelationship of race, gender, class, sexual orientation, disability, xenophobia, imperialism, environmental issues, etc.
3. Ability to teach and/or perform effectively, continued scholarly achievement or research, continued preparation and study, contribution to student growth and development, and service to the university and community.

Qualifications and Experience:

1. Doctorate completed by August, 2005 in any field related to the job description required.
2. Demonstrated knowledge of: theories of racism and other forms of oppression and the interrelationships between them; theories related to social and environmental justice; non-dominant, non-western "ways of knowing"; connections between global and personal issues.
3. Demonstrated record of teaching excellence.
4. Demonstrated experience in social action to challenge oppression effectively.
5. Additional expertise preferred on the following: women, communities of color, disability issues, LGBT issues, global social justice, environmental justice, working class/labor issues.

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