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February 25, 2005

The Biological Basis of Multiple Orgasms
There's been a lot of high talk lately about how the XX are poorly represented in the fields of mathematics and physics (see razib's seminal (heh) post Much Ado about Women and Larry Summers). Yet actually women are biologically superior to men in many aspects, including tolerance of heat, cold, pain and radiation. Women are also far less likely than men to fall asleep after the sex act, according to David Wilkes in Why Men Fall Asleep After Sex .

Wilkes says:

"The blood rush after climax depletes the muscles of energy-producing glycogen, leaving men feeling physically drained. "Because they have more muscle mass than women, men become tired after sex and this subsequently leads to them feeling sleepy."
Another benefit of that extra X is the capacity for multiple orgasms. Is this a spandrel, or possibly an incentive to increased reproductive potential? I think there needs to be more research! But how to keep men awake long enough to research this? Wilkes also suggests:
"Have sex out of the bedroom, away from the usual sleeping environment, or play uplifting music - not the usual romantic sounds,"
An anonymous source also told me that keeping the lights on can have excellent results. But what sort of music would work the best? I don't think I could tolerate any of Wilkes' suggestions: I Feel Good by James Brown, Elvis Presley's A Little Less Conversation or Britney Spears's Toxic. So, umm, I have a poll! And if you have other suggestions for good stay awake music, please put them in the comments. ;)

Which Musical Title Would Be Most Likely to Keep You Awake After Sex?
(alternative) Offspring: Spare Me the Details
(techno) KMFDM: Attack Reload
(metal) Anthrax : Greater of Two Evils
(goth-rock) Skinny Puppy: Facist Jock Itch
(classical) Stravinsky : Le Sacre Du Printemps
(jpop) Puffy-Amiyumi : aoi namida
(hip-hop) J-Zone : Gimme Dat Beat Fool!
(country&western) Terri Clark : Girls Lie Too
(jazz) Glenn Miller : String of Pearls
(more hiphop) Aesop Rock : Fast Cars, Danger, Fire, & Knives
Posted by jinnderella at 01:48 PM