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March 01, 2005

The invisible Asian

Little Advance Is Seen in Ivies' Hiring of Minorities and Women.

Here is the full report (PDF) that the article above is based on.

The word "Asian" does not show up once in The New York Times article. It pops up 4 times in the report itself, 3 of them are embedded in charts and one of them is a footnote. There is no mention of Asian Americans in the text.

Doctoral Degree Program Enrollment, 2001
Black 3.7% 8.9%
Hispanic 3.1% 5.3%
Asian/Pacific Islander 7.1% 5.1%
American Indian/Alaska Native  0.3% 0.6%
International Scholars 34.7% 13.1%
Women 46.0%  58.2%

60% of graduate students are women! If women have an aversion to pairing up with males with lower educational qualifications, it makes sense that female education correlates negatively with fertility....

Addendum: William asks about the number of women getting education doctorates. The Digest of Education Statistics 2003 is a good source for that sort of information. As a point of fact the slight majority of doctorates in 2003 were awarded to men, while of female doctorates 23% were in Education as opposed to 10% for males.

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