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April 14, 2005

Frank Salter refresher

I see that the theories of Frank Salter on Ethnic Genetic Interests are attracting enthusiastic attention on 'White Nationalist' sites. (Excuse me if that is the wrong term, but I am not familiar with the nuances of that sort of thing. Apparently the followers of Genghis Khan get very offended if you confuse them with the followers of Attila the Hun.)

Some of the commentators have referred to the 'gnxp position' on Salter's theories, and challenged 'gnxp' to defend it. As regular readers will be aware, there is no 'gnxp position' on anything other than the desirability of free scientific research and discussion. gnxp's contributors are individuals with their own unique views.

But in case anyone comes to gnxp wondering what all the fuss is about, here are my own previous posts on Salter:

Ethnic Genetic Interests
Ethnic Genetic Interests: Part 2
Interracial Marriage: Salter's Fallacy.

I really don't have anything to add, and I haven't seen any comments I think I need to reply to.

One point I would emphasise is that Salter's attitude towards 'genetic interests' is ultimately mystical rather than scientific, which may be why it seems to be attractive to some.

Posted by David B at 03:30 AM