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May 16, 2005


Miss Denmark is half-brown. Miss Norway is half-Thai. Miss Finland does not surprise (though I probably can't accuse her of being a baby-talker, seeing as she is studying in the Swedish School of Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki). No sign of Iceland, and guess what, no Miss Sweden this year. Why?

Check it:

When Scandinavian swimwear firm Panos Emporio last year bought rights to the Miss Sweden contest from TV3, its intention was to elevate the status of the the contest. However, "harassment from feminist organizations" has forced the company to cancel the competition. Thus, in 2005, Sweden will not send a contestant to the Miss Universe pageant for the first time ever.

Bizarro notes, check out Miss India, her photos make her look more Euro than Miss Denmark. Oh, and Miss Japan is 6'1.

Posted by razib at 09:01 PM