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June 18, 2005

An Emerging Media Consensus?

While the New York Times has been effectively race-realist for a while now, the domino-effect may be under way. Today Canada's own New York Times, the Globe and Mail, offered a five-inch headline: 'Race', and this article on The New Science of Race. The catalyst is once again Greg and Henry's paper but it also covers everything from Bidil to Science's Peering Under the Hood of Africa's Runners to Rushton and Jensen's new article in Psychology, Public Policy and Law and the Haplotype Map Project.

Encouraging stuff.

Update from Thras I have added a quotation from the New Science of Race article that I first saw on Sailer's website. Now who is the "hate site," I wonder, "that declared the HapMap would finally prove the biological basis of race?"

Dr. Scherer spent two days last August fielding media calls when the news first broke. He did most of the interviews by phone, but in a few cases it was easiest to respond by e-mail.

Then came a call from his Harvard collaborators informing him that one of those e-mail interviews had been with a writer who worked for a neo-Nazi website. The writer spun the news as scientific proof of genetic differences between races — without even misquoting or twisting Dr. Scherer's words.

“As a geneticist,” the 41-year-old Dr. Scherer said, “it's your worst nightmare.”

The HapMap's Tom Hudson in Montreal has had the same one. A colleague recently referred him to an Internet hate site that declared the HapMap would finally prove the biological basis of race.

“It made me queasy, because they actually name the name of my friend, my colleague in Boston. And they actually say, ‘He's going to prove us right.'

“I didn't understand what I was reading when I first read it,” Dr. Hudson said. “I never read something that was so disgusting.”

It wasn't an isolated incident.

Morris Foster, an associate professor of anthropology at the University of Oklahoma and one of the HapMap's leaders, said researchers are tracking racist sites for references to the HapMap, which logs 20,000 downloads a week from its public database. They have amassed quite a collection.

Posted by Jason Malloy at 12:31 PM