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July 04, 2005

Challenging Islamic Faith Healers

I found this video to a Arabic-speaking, "Jerry Springer" like show on the question of Jinn possession and faith healing. In the past, Razib has noted the rise in Indian society of skeptics of the "God men" who go to events arranged by them and demonstrate exactly how they performed their "miracles; he has also noted the need for such skeptics in Islamic society. This video shows an attempt at that.

It features a "crescent table" discussion of disease and Jinn possession; with a moderator, a faith-healing sheik, and a couple of researchers into the difference between Jinn possession and mental illness. The fourth guest is one of these skeptics, and he immediately falls into seizures, replicating what a possession would be like, in order to undermine the other three "experts". Unfortunately, the three have their defense at the ready and note that the man is either an actor or mentally ill; thereby providing an "out" for themselves (i.e. it is not Jinn possession unless "I" say it is a Jinn possession, otherwise it is just mental illness)

But, it is a welcoming sign that skeptics are beginning to challenge the faith healers.

Posted by scottm at 03:00 PM