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Our Greek ancestors, hey?

I just read The Germanization of Early Medieval Christianity by James C. Russell. The same Dr. Russell submitted this article to The Occidental Quarterly titled The Western Contribution to World History. I found this very curious:

This inspirational sacrifice of our ancient ancestors at Thermopylae led to a Greek victory over the Persians and permitted Hellenic culture to flourish.

Uh, Dr. Russell’s ancient ancestors? After reading his book I get the impression he considers northern European cultural values rather distinct and its sociohistorical experience very separate from that of southern Europe and the Meditarreanean Littoral. But read on, and you will see how Dr. Russell squares this circle:

Unfortunately for the ancient Greeks, Alexander the Great, who died in 323 B.C., despite being an astute tactician, unwittingly became the first apostle of multiculturalism and demonstrated the ethnocultural dangers of empire-building.

Instead, many immigrants from the conquered Eastern territories made their way to Greece with the result being cultural and genetic dissonance, as well as religious syncretism and a condition of social confusion sometimes referred to as anomie.

Ah, makes more sense in the context of what I read in his book. I suspect a certain Hellene might have some comments on this….

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