Asian-American Race Traitors?

Michelle Malkin decries the joy that Asian-American activists are showing toward the recent ruling reaffirming affirmative action in higher education. Increasing underrepresented minorities almost certainly decreases the representation of Asians-Americans as well as European-Americans. Of course, these “activists” exist to create the problem that they campaign against, the racialization of Asian-America and a high wall of tension between their own ethnic groups and whites [1]. These are the not the professional mainstream of Asian America, doctors, engineers & businessmen, but white collar lawyers and public sector employees who are sociologically far outside the mainstream of the ethnos that they act as activists for! Their raison d’ĂȘtre is debunking the Myth of the Model Minority. Their motto? “Asian America sucks a hell of a lot more than you think, and it’s whitey’s fault!”

[1] Asian-American is of course an artifical construction. Even “natural” coalitions between groups racially and culturally affinal such as Korean-Americans & Japanese-Americans can be tripped up over rivalry and distrust and lack of historical experience together. South Asians in particular seem a bit out of place-but of course, for the Asian-American activists, the reference is always whitey, so if you ain’t white, you ain’t Latino and you ain’t black, you must be an Asian or Pacific Islander!

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