Coupling vs. Coupling

I saw the NBC version of the comedy Coupling tonight. By a weird coincidence BBC America had the same episode on earlier in the original British version! And yes, about 75% of the script was same, word for word. It was really weird watching Americans behave like they were…British. Perhaps watching the British version totally ruined it, but I kept thinking that the American actors were trying to channel the British characters (down to the ticks and mannerisms). I guess the nearest analogy is the complaint that the kids on Dawson’s Creek were bizarro world versions of real teenagers-I just felt like the banter was somehow un-American. I’m sure this is partly (all?) due to the fact that I’ve seen the British series in multiple episodes, so any photocopy will be a pale imitation.

I don’t think the show works, it’s not really funny and tries too hard. It’ll get cancelled next season if not this season. On a few more important points-they converted some cultural references-so some of the things that mystified me in the original series made sense all of a sudden! Also, it seems that the American actors have a wider range of appearances than the British ones do. The American “Susan” (lead female character) is Jewish, while Jane (sexy shallow sluttish friend) is Eurasian, but additionally, the American “Jeff” is more plain & slobby than the British original, while Sally-USA is far more leggy and sensual than Sally-England (Sally-USA is actually played by an English actress). All in all, the American actors are probably somewhat better looking, and Sally & Susan are noticeably more svelt (and Rena Sofer doesn’t have alien eyes!).

Pictures of all the actresses below….

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