The Racial Democracy part n

This article addresses (again) the difficulties in using racial quotas in determining higher education admissions in the Byzantine racial mix that is Brazil. A few points….

Racial self-classifications are subjective & personal (some “whites” by phenotype, and even persons of recent and un-mixed European ancestry, are claiming pardo, racially mixed, status)
Many students admitted under quotas are failing (40%-and the interview with an Electrical Engineering student is instructive)
The writer is conflating & mixing & matching American and Brazilian racial terms and paradigms (the former seem to be spreading in Brazil)
The writer did not present the complexity of Brazilian racial classifications-which go beyond a black-white spectrum, to people who have “white” features and dark complexion to those who have a white complexion and black features
The following quote is interesting: “We pay our taxes,” he added, “so why shouldn’t we receive this public service we’re paying for, and which supposedly belongs to everyone?” It reminds me of things I’ve heard from Latino politicians in California and frankly this sort of wrangling makes the case for pragmatic libertarianism (yes, you heard those two words in sequence!) in a racially diverse polity

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