Charles Murray interview

Interview with Charles Murray (audio format) online about his book Human Accomplishment. I’ve read it once already, and am in the process of a second read through-with special focus on the footnotes. By chance I purchased and also just read the book The Human Web: A Bird’s-Eye View of World History (one of the authors wrote Plagues and Peoples). If you like the big picture, these are books that will sate your appetite, with Murray focusing on the quantitative generalities and the father-son historian team of William & John McNiell adding qualitative detail[1].

fn1. The McNiell’s incorporate much of the material in Guns, Germs and Steel and add a mind-blowing level of granular focus on specific items that will be sure to fascinate.

Update: William McNeill’s critique of Jared Diamond is now in the extended entry-must read!.

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