Lee Siegel is an insane Luddite

Listen to Lee Siegel, Internet Reading: Speeding Us Up by Dumbing Us Down?. He’s positively unhinged, totally out of control. I don’t really mind Siegel, he obviously going to spend as much of his professional capital as possible attacking the internet after his own negative self-inflicted experiences. Why is the media putting this guy on the phone? A 7 year old farting on air would be more informative and edifying. Siegel’s been all over the place basically claiming that the internet heralds the arrival of Gog and Magog. I really wouldn’t be too shocked if during the next interview Siegal pulls a young girl next to his phone and as she’s screaming he cuts her throat and murmurs to the interviewer that the internet did it, that the internet was responsible for it and that the internet has blood on its hands.

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