Hey Canada

Since Canadians seem to have an obsession with American health care policy (a nation of Ezra Kleins?), I thought I would pass along this weird Intrade screenshot:
OK, I assume my liberal readers have cleaned themselves up after seeing that screenshot. I check Intrade as part of my “morning reads” and I really don ‘t know what’s going on here, the health care prices have been between 20 and 50 for all of 2010, and usually between 30 and 40. Perhaps a speculative bubble driven by the magic of Obama’s voice? Or Democratic staffers with “inside knowledge” starting buy up shares because they knew they were under-valued?
Update: Price is back down to 67. So it was some weird price volatility. The people complaining that the trading volume is too low for the prices to not easily get distorted by a few players are probably right.

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