Open Thread, 3/27/2014


There’s been lots of talk about “Ancient North Eurasians” (ANE) and “Basal Eurasians” (BEu) on this weblog recently. Both are examples of what David Reich calls “Ghost Populations,” they contributed to the ancestry of moderns, but they no longer exist as distinct exemplars from which we can draw judgments (“Ancestral South Indians,” ASI, are another case of this). But one does wonder what they might have looked like. God knows that human populations can change in physical appearance rapidly, but submitted for your approval, the late Sardinian actress Pier Angeli, and Sioux chief Red Cloud. I chose these individuals because it seems likely that these two populations have the highest fractions today of BEu and ANE respectively. And through a random conversation with a friend I realized that Native American peoples had distinctive noses in comparison to other East Asians, often, if not always, high and aquiline. Perhaps this is the mark of the ANE?

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