Open Thread, 9/28/2015

518YSJZZSGL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_I’ve been very busy of late, and had to travel this weekend. Explaining the relatively light blogging recently. Will probably change in the near future.

While on the airplane I decided to reread my Kindle version of John Gillespie’s Population Genetics: A Concise Guide. The subtitle is accurate, it’s short and quick. Longtime readers know if that you want to “understand” population genetics, you might should probably check out Principles of Population Genetics. But that’s not light reading, and, like many textbooks there isn’t a Kindle version (and in many cases the e-book version of a text is as expensive, and in some cases more expensive). But for the purposes of following along on some of the more abstruse posts in this space I have to say that Gillespie’s precis of pop gene probably does hit all the major notes. The main demerit is that since it’s short, and was written in the 1980s, it is not as genomic or coalescent heavy has a book written today with the same aims and constraints might be (I read the version that came out in 2004, but even in this edition there are some assertions about the limitations of what we know about genetic variation, especially human, which turn out to no longer hold in our time).

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