The Great Ordeal

611jQLzlbwL._SX338_BO1,204,203,200_I notice that R. Scott Bakker is finally coming out with a sort-of conclusion to his second trilogy, with The Great Ordeal. I say sort-of because it seems that his final book in the second trilogy of this planned three trilogy series is going to be one of two, as Bakker submitted a manuscript that was far too long.

Presumably there were issues in relation to the logistics of publishing, because it’s been nearly five years since The White Luck Warrior. That’s unfortunate, because Bakker’s series really has no parallel in the epic fantasy genre from what I can tell. It leverages standard genre tropes, but introduces a dark philosophic undertone set against the foreground of an incredibly rich and finely crafted world. Much of the brutality in The Prince of Nothing seems almost gratuitous, but if you want a more antiseptic narrative, there’s always Brandon Sanderson.

Bakker’s descriptions of the antagonists threaded throughout his series are chilling, and communicate both menace and mystery. The Inchoroi are like no other villains I’ve read of in fantasy….

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