Family DNA Land

I loaded my children’s pedigree into DNA.LAND to get some better imputation (so taking hundreds of thousands of markers and “filling” with millions based on known associations). Below are the new ancestry inferences for:

-My son
-My daughter
-My wife
-Son/daughter’s paternal grandfather
-Son/daughter’s paternal grandmother
-Son/daughter’s maternal grandfather
-Son/daughter’s maternal grandmother

Screenshot 2016-04-19 22.00.36
Razib Son


Screenshot 2016-04-19 22.06.10
Razib daughter


Screenshot 2016-04-19 21.59.38


Screenshot 2016-04-19 21.57.57
Razib wife


Screenshot 2016-04-20 08.30.51
Razib father


Screenshot 2016-04-20 08.32.52
Razib mother


Screenshot 2016-04-20 08.35.29
Razib father-in-law


Screenshot 2016-04-20 08.38.37
Razib mother-in-law
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