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List of top 10 evolutionary biologists in history

What is your list of the top 10 evolutionary biologists in history? I’m asking because this came up in a discussion with a friend. Obviously the composition of the list will have to do with disciplinary bias and geography and history (there are Russian population geneticists from the 20th century who should be more famous who aren’t).

Here are my top 10 (with two minutes thought given):

1. Charles Darwin & Alfred Russell Wallace (I’m combining these two)
2. R. A. Fisher
3. Sewall Wright
4. J. B. S. Haldane
5. W. D. Hamilton
6. G. G. Simpson
7. John Maynard Smith
8. August Weismann
9. Motoo Kimura
10. Theodosius Dobzhansky

What’s your list? (in the comments)

7 thoughts on “List of top 10 evolutionary biologists in history

  1. Richard D. Alexander — because of his unsparing synoptic application of the modern synthesis to ourselves.

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