Only half of the traffic on this website is from a personal ‘computer’

I spend way too much time semi-competently managing the VPS this site is hosted on. But at least now I can look at Google Analytics. I’ve found some interesting things.

For example, 35% of the traffic on this site comes from phones, and 10% from tablets. That means that conventional computers are only somewhat more than half of the views. Additionally, 50% more of the Facebook shares are via the mobile Facebook app than the normal desktop version (I tend to get the most referrals from Twitter since I have a bigger Twitter following, but at some point I expect Facebook to surpass that as people realize I’m blogging again).

Probably going to make a few changes to make the site more mobile friendly since so many of you tend to read it on that device….

One thought on “Only half of the traffic on this website is from a personal ‘computer’

  1. That’s me. I first read your post through an RSS app on my phone, then saved it with a bookmarker app to read on my PC browser later.

    Before I had a tablet, I always wondered what they were for, what niche they filled. Turns out they’re best for reading and watching stuff while laying on a couch or bed, filling the here-to unknown “lazy internet reader” niche.

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