4 thoughts on “Popular songs in my household

  1. Why? Judging from the video, it’s a song about a low-class single mother who has to do degrading “work” like pole dancing for a living (pretty silly, the video looks like it’s set in Europe, so realistically she could get enough money by welfare benefits). Since the child’s dad isn’t around to support her, obviously she had very poor judgement in her mate choice. Such dumb, irresponsible behaviour shouldn’t be glorified.

  2. When my daughter was about the age of Razib’s daughter, she used to dance to this:

    When she was 9 years old, her role model was a 6’1″ African American girl (Venus Williams), and she used to love to go to watch Venus play live whenever she came over (which was pretty often – in fact, she still comes here and is very popular with the local Chinese folks; they love her).

    Doesn’t need to mean anything particularly logical.

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