Open Thread, 05/28/2018

She Has Her Mother’s Laugh is now available. The interview with Carl Zimmer will be live on The Insight Wednesday night (EDT).

If you haven’t, please consider leaving a 5-star review on iTunes or Stitcher.

I’ve told that you can already read The University We Need on Google Books. I can’t vouch for this, but on Amazon the publication date is July 10th.

I suspect the field of cultural evolution is going to become big in the next ten years, breaking out its relatively rarified ghetto. If you haven’t, I’d recommend The Secret of Our Success by Joe Henrich.

The older, more technical books, are Cultural Transmission and Evolution, Culture and the Evolutionary Process.

I noticed the other day that the spam filter was a little overactive recently. Just in case you notice comments not going through….

7 thoughts on “Open Thread, 05/28/2018

  1. Hey. Do you know anything on the status on the Imperial Rome paper brought up in that meeting you attended? Did it talk about just haplogroups when it came to ancestry?

  2. The spam filter was going nuts?
    I just thought my comment was just too low quality and got canned 😉

  3. hey razib

    care to propose an evolutionary explanation for incelism? inquiring minds have no lives and so plenty of time to wonder about such things.

  4. Ideas on the idea put forth by Reich and Lazaridis that PIE, before Anatolian languages split off, might have arrived in the steppe via the Caucasus, and that Anataolian split was one group staying behind while the ancestors of the other IE languages moved to the steppe and spread out from there?

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