Open Thread, 07/01/2018

Thanks to everyone for getting us above 100+ reviews. Would be nice to have more than 10 reviews on Stitcher.

War! What Is It Good For? is a good book. Though it’s really more about social complexity than inter-group conflict. In this way, there are obvious resemblances to Ultrasociety. If you really want to read about war, War in Human Civilization is the way to go.

The decline in South Asian poverty.

The World Bank. Lots of interesting research on that website.

Happy birthday America!

One thought on “Open Thread, 07/01/2018

  1. ancient DNA in china will yield lots of “basal” east eurasian groups

    Will you consider doing a post on basal? If we go back far enough, won’t there be just one basal, or will we just flip over to considering what is basal to us and other hominids?

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