2019 Reader Survey (see below)

It’s below….

Update: When I turned on the throttle for one submission it forced people to sign on to Google. I’ve turned that off, so you shouldn’t need to do that now.

11 thoughts on “2019 Reader Survey (see below)

  1. In the three-parts survey for the reform of French academia, the organizers just switched away from Google for the third part. People don’t trust Google and complained.

  2. So, I’m one of those assholes who refuses to get a Google account… Would like to participate otherwise.

  3. I submitted my response. I don’t know much about genetics (tbh it’s not something that really interests me…sorry.) Anyways, I hope that by being a center-right theist, I can add an outlier to the sample I expect from the poll!

  4. a doctor who doesn’t know genetics? sad.

    that being said, your outlier status is due to the arranged marriage thing. i should have asked a question about that!

  5. Well I know the basics of clinical genetics, I just don’t know much about population genetics (I took that through the 300s level in college, but forgot everything long ago.)

  6. One thing I’d like to see you write about is the origin of other East Asian language families besides Sino-Tibetan. I don’t think there are any papers out like with Sino-Tibetan, but I think you could have made a good guess even before those came out. In the absence of papers about the origins of other NE Asian language families, I’m curious if you have any hunches about Korean, Japonic, Turkic, Mongolic, and/or Tungusic.

  7. multiple choice questions leave too little room for accurate responses. I indicated opposition to nuclear power due to concern about the political (but not technological) problem of disposing of used fuel. Only the French seem to have solved that, certainly not here in the US. Until that is resolved, building new plants seems like not a solution to anthropogenic climate change.

  8. Forgot to ask for one thing on my form — a consolidated book recommendation list. You and I have similar historical interests, but I’m in the 1-5 books per annum category…

    That would be greatly appreciated.

  9. it my exp. it is not uncommon for academics to stop reading books once they near the end of grad school. at least common enough i know such individuals personally who admit it, and they’re all at R1 universities on the tenure track.

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