Razib Khan’s raw genotype data on 23andMe, Family Tree DNA, Geno 2.0 and Ancestry

It has been a while since I posted an update on my genotype. Since then I’ve been tested on most of the major platforms. I don’t see any harm in releasing this to the public or researchers who want to look at it (though I don’t know why anyone would). You can download all the files here. […]

23andMe ancestry only is $49.99 for Prime Day

23andMe has gone below $50 for “Prime Day”! For those of us who bought kits (albeit more fully featured) at $399 or even more this is pretty incredible. But from what I’m to understand these sorts of SNP-chips are now possible to purchase from Illumina for well less than $50 so this isn’t charitable. At […]

Why 23andMe is no longer leading on personal genomics

I really admire what 23andMe has done. To a great extent they are the “Uber” of DTC personal genomics. FamilyTree DNA really pioneered the sector in the early 2000s, while The Genographic Project scaled things up massively in the middle 2000s. But in the late 2000s 23andMe brought Silicon Valley “disruption” to the game, pushing […]

Response to Euny Hong’s critique of 23andMe

Update: In light of further comments I may have been wrong about Hong’s recent admixture! See the comments below (also, further discussion with Spencer Wells offline). I don’t have total clarity on what’s going on, because I’m sure my friends weren’t lying…but they were also early adopters, and the methods may have changed. And, I […]

23andMe is back; but a higher price for fewer results?

If you’re not sleeping under a rock, you know that today 23andMe has rolled out its plan to provide government (FDA) approved medical results. In the generality I knew this was in the offing. I asked contacts within the company, and they pretty much signaled this was imminent, though they didn’t detail the specifics. This […]

23andMe “sells out”…are you angry?

23andMe just made a huge deal with the biotech firm Genetech. You’ve probably heard about the details elsewhere, but if not, Matt Herper has an excellent lowdown: A deal being announced today with Genentech points the way for 23andMe, the personal genetics company backed by Facebook billionaire Yuri Milner and Google Ventures to become a […]

Peculiarities in 23andMe’s ancestry assignments

Everyone knows that I think 23andme provides a great service. But I’ve had some criticisms in the past. Several years ago I thought it was rather strange of them to limit their chromosome painting feature to only a few ancestral components when it produced strange confusing results (e.g., many East Africans being mostly European in […]

The future of personal genomics is bright. 23andMe….

As most of you know 23andMe is no longer providing health interpretation services, though they are still providing genealogy (and are unrolling a more advanced ancestry painting right now). You can still download raw data though, so you can find third party providers to calculate health risks. Unfortunately, as some have noted 23andMe actually did […]

The FDA and 23andMe

First, download your 23andMe raw results now if you have them. If you don’t know what’s going on, the FDA has finally started to move aggressively against the firm. Unfortunately this is not surprising, as this was foreshadowed years ago. And, 23andMe has been moving aggressively to emphasize its medical, as opposed to genealogical, services […]

Using your 23andMe data: how inbred are you?

Earlier editions: Using your 23andMe data: exploring with MDS Using your 23andMe data in Plink From Reconstructing Indian Population History: …We hypothesize that founder effects are responsible for an even higher burden of recessive diseases in India than consanguinity. To test this hypothesis, we used our data to estimate the probability that two alleles from a […]