Friday, July 22, 2005

Still not afraid...   posted by DavidB @ 7/22/2005 04:35:00 AM

...but getting bloody irritated. I was going to go into London yesterday around midday, switched on the TV to check travel details, and thought it was Groundhog Day.

As I couldn't go yesterday, I was planning to go today (right now!), switched on the TV again, and find a suspected bomber has been shot dead at Stockwell (where coincidentally I used to live). Inevitably, several Tube lines are shut down.

Well, sod it, I'm going anyway. Must return some library books.

I was already vaguely thinking about posting something on the London bombings, but my thoughts at the moment are unprintable.

Meanwhile, there was an interesting report in today's London Times about the discovery of a caterpillar species in Hawaii that eats snails. Evidently a gourmet! I won't provide a link - if you're interested, search Google News for 'caterpillar', 'snails' and 'Hawaii' and you'll find several reports.