Monday, August 15, 2005

Chromsome abnormality discovered   posted by TangoMan @ 8/15/2005 04:56:00 PM

A report from China has recently confirmed a Chinese male has the world's first reported chromosomal abnormality karyotype on the third and thirteenth chromosomes.

I wonder if the Chinese scientists searched high and low for the work of the Intelligent Designer for these types of occurances can't occur through "evolution." {end sarcasm}

Experts say that the discovery of this new chromosomal abnormality karyotype not only enriches the world's chromosome data bank, but is also very helpful to the study of hereditary improvement of the human race, and useful in the clinical studies of genetics.

Yang's wife was pregnant twice, but unfortunately twice suffered a miscarriage within the first two months of pregnancy.

Medical tests showed that Yang's third and thirteenth chromosomes are different from those of normal people.

"The two chromosomes set off a balanced translocation, which means that the two chromosomes became fractured, and they have changed to become two totally new chromosomes after their natural reconstruction," said Du Wei, doctor from Changchun Maternity Hospital's Cytogenetics Lab.

Since there was no record on balanced translocation of human's third and thirteenth chromosomes at home or abroad, the hospital sent Yang's cell sample to the National Medical Genetics Key Laboratory for verification.

Since the quantity of the chromosome has not changed, Yang is no different in appearance, personality or intelligence from a normal human.

However, the couple only have a one in eighteen chance of having a healthy child through regular pregnancy, and the child in turn has a one in eighteen chance of inheriting the chromosomal abnormality.