Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Nerd alert   posted by Razib @ 10/11/2005 04:14:00 PM

Some of you might know that Robert Jordan came out with Book 11 of The Wheel of Time today. There are only a few reviews up, and they are mildly positive. I'm waiting for the harsh press though, I only went up to the first few hundred pages of book 7 years ago.... Anyway, some of you also know that a real author is coming out with a sequel worth waiting for in about a month.

Update: First negative review on Amazon is up!

IT is clear that RJ has hired someone to write positive reviews for this book. Many were posted here before the book went on sale, which shows that TOR and AMAZON know that they'll never sell this junk without cheating. I've read this book. It stinks. Here's why:

Once AGAIN RJ delivers junk. Rand is AGAIN MIA for most of this book. When he appears, it's only to be whiny and annoying for a short time. There's more on Mat here--which is NOT a good thing. Once AGAIN the Aes Sedai are skirt-smoothing, icy-staring, sniffing, scowling, tea-drinking bosomy witches. Once AGAIN RJ's chapters meander into the realm of FILLER and once AGAIN the ending is a quick burst of unbelievable garbage that makes little to no sense.

Jordan says that his female characters take at least one trait from his wife. If the characters are a mirror upon her she must be a vapid bitch.

Update II: A real life Lord Frey? Here is a recent family photo.