Sunday, October 30, 2005

Two Chinese Guys singing "I want it that way"   posted by TangoMan @ 10/30/2005 09:49:00 PM

Did you like the video of the Dancing Air Force Cadet? If so then you'll probably also like these two dudes singing to the Backstreet Boys. Pay attention to the guy in the background who seems completely oblivious to the goings on. These guys sure know how to emote. Maybe when they take their act on the road, they can talk to the Air Force dude and get him to Federline on stage for them.

Update from Razib: While we're at it on videos, check out the Guinness evolution commercial if you haven't. And yes, those are icthyosaurs.

Update from TangoMan: Here's Yoda doing HipHop for some StormTroopers. Here's Anoop Dog doing Drop it Like a FOB. Here's the Two Chinese Dudes doing As Long As You Love Me and here they are doing 3 different Chinese songs and notice the one guy's eyes, what's up with that, then notice that the background guy is part of the act when he participates at the end of part 1, and here they are singing Radio In My Head with some acting thrown in towards the end.