Wednesday, April 19, 2006

NCIS: The Alien TV Show   posted by TangoMan @ 4/19/2006 08:51:00 PM

I'm not an alien. With that declaration out of the way let me say that I'm starting to think that perhaps I'm not part of the demographic that CBS is targeting for their show NCIS. I have deduced though that the demographic that is targeted must have something to do with aliens, either as the audience or as the subject matter for the series. Here's where my reasoning has taken me so far:

1.) This unit is a deep undercover gov't agency that is simply masquerading as a Naval Criminal Investigative Service unit. It's primary mission must be investigating the mysterious deaths of the aliens in our midst who have assumed cover identities as naval personnel. This conjecture is supported by the scenes which take place in the autospy room where the victims of foul play are completely devoid of nipples and genitals as they lie naked on the coroner's examination table with their chest cavities cut wide open and their skins peeled back. Clearly, the series pulls no punches in showing the graphic details of autopsies so the absense of human sex organs and nipples must be a major clue that the series is really about the sexless alien victims of crime.

2.) The targeted demographic may be the aliens amongst us who do not realize that humans actually have sex organs. The graphic depiction of a skull half blown away from a bullet exit wound should be a little more troubling to people than showing a woman's nipples as she lies on the exam table. One would think that if humans were the targeted demographic for this series that CBS wouldn't be celebrating the variety of ways of butchering humans and shying away from the accurate depiction of the human form.

3.) It is possible that the autopsy unit of NCIS uses alien technology in their examination lighting, where the light beam possesses the ability to make items invisible as the brightness of the light beam is increased.

I just can't decide which alien angle CBS is playing out here. Can you?