Friday, August 18, 2006

Must keep to the model   posted by Razib @ 8/18/2006 12:48:00 AM

The model is: white man = omnipotent oppressor, non-white man = helpless victim. The New York Times headline is: Minority Students Decline in Top New York Schools. The graphic? Here:

Is something off with this graphic in relation to the headline, or what? Ah, click the link in the story, and you see this:

What kind of dumb macaca does The New York Times think I am? I've observed this before with the tale of the invisible Asian. Imbler Volokh has observed how Asians become white.

The decline of institutional racism was a Good Thing. Hell, I wouldn't be blogging today if institutional racism, and the cultural consensus that it was supported by, did not die off. But unfortunately the consensus has flipped toward a different form of manicheanism from the older one where whites are the super-race destined to replace all the inferior breeds. Instead, now they are fundamentally morally obligated to redress their sins. But for those sins to be expiated another group must suffer to witness and offer a blessing. Success just isn't part of the script. It is modern America's contention that diversity is good, but diversity is also complicated. If one wishes to perpetuate a racial relationship crystallized when minority = black, then one should have prevented the mass immigration which began adding more parameters to the model. But the old biracial nation is gone, and the racially sensitive have no answers because they'd rather be conservative and stick with what's worked over the last generation.