Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Say what?   posted by Razib @ 4/10/2007 10:02:00 PM

So I saw this entry over at the Superficial about Kate Moss running around with fat chicks...and it took me to this Wikipedia entry about one of the women in the photo:
The magazine cited her 'non-conformity'...as the reason for her selection - she is a lesbian, an outspoken advocate of gay rights, weighs around 15 stone (about 225 lbs.)...and is also in a relationship with a transgendered individual who was born a woman but identifies as a man....
...Ditto posed nude for On Our Backs, a women-run lesbian erotica magazine. "It was a big moment in my life," she told Curve magazine. "It was kind of a radical thing to do. I got my period just 10 minutes before we got there, and I was totally bleeding. I was doing it with my tranny boyfriend, who I'm in love with, and I was totally bleeding - how radical is that? - and I'm a fat person, and I'm a femme. It felt really good."

? Say what? Someone has to make a South Park episode about this.