Saturday, July 07, 2007

Williams syndrome in The New York Times Magazine   posted by Razib @ 7/07/2007 06:50:00 PM

David Dobbs has an interesting article in The New York Times Magazine about Williams syndrome; a disorder characterized by verbosity and hypersociality in concert with abstraction capacities so attenuated that most suffers are mentally retarded. The piece juggles many phenomena, from general to domain specific intelligences and the interaction between environment and genetic biases which shape the mind's developmental arc.

Inverted: Hidden Smarts: Abstract thought trumps IQ scores in autism:
There's more to the intelligence of autistic people than meets the IQ. Unlike most individuals, children and adults diagnosed as autistic often score much higher on a challenging, nonverbal test of abstract reasoning than they do on a standard IQ test, say psychologist Laurent Mottron of Hopital Riviere-des-Prairies in Montreal and his colleagues.

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