Monday, August 06, 2007

Template changes   posted by Razib @ 8/06/2007 02:47:00 PM

Some of you may have noticed that I've been tweaking with the template a bit. The goal is to make the site look less ghetto and maximize ease of use for regulars and new readers. Using the site for the past day I have noticed that I had been using the big ScienceBlogs image to check my other weblog, so I added a small link to the right with a link to the other Gene Expression. The main other difference is that I added links to the various categories ("labels") that we've been using for a while now. It's messy as there are inconsistencies with spelling and casing, and I'll fix that later, but if you are interested in category views, well, they're back after a 3 year hiatus (I deleted the MT templates for categories years ago during one of the "server over usage" crises we used to have back when we weren't being hosted by Rick & Liz. I never reinstalled them because it didn't look like it was easy and I didn't want to spend the time on that, but people have long wanted to have category archives).

Update: You can now send an email immediately to the author of any post by simply clicking their name (see above to the right of the post). There has been a contact link to the right for a while, but I just figured this would be easier for a lot of people, especially if (for example) the author of a study critiqued found a post via google and wanted to respond directly instead of in comments (which would likely be long dead).