Sunday, January 13, 2008

Another height gene   posted by p-ter @ 1/13/2008 12:57:00 PM

Following on the heels of HMGA2, another genome-wide scan for genes involved in height identfies a region near GDF5 and UQCC:
Identifying genetic variants that influence human height will advance our understanding of skeletal growth and development. Several rare genetic variants have been convincingly and reproducibly associated with height in mendelian syndromes, and common variants in the transcription factor gene HMGA2 are associated with variation in height in the general population1. Here we report genome-wide association analyses, using genotyped and imputed markers, of 6,669 individuals from Finland and Sardinia, and follow-up analyses in an additional 28,801 individuals. We show that common variants in the osteoarthritis-associated locus2GDF5-UQCC contribute to variation in height with an estimated additive effect of 0.44 cm (overall P < 10-15). Our results indicate that there may be a link between the genetic basis of height and osteoarthritis, potentially mediated through alterations in bone growth and development
It's worth noting that the loci currently identified as being "height genes" contribute less than 1% of the total variance in height in the population, while the total heritability of height is around 80% in developed countries.

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