Sunday, December 27, 2009

New comment format   posted by Razib @ 12/27/2009 03:34:00 PM

A lot of people (including paying readers! kidding!) are complaining about the new commenting format. I'll be euphemistic and observe that it's suboptimal. But I don't have time to work on tweaking and beautifying it now, so please be patient. Over time it'll move up the stack of my priorities, and hopefully your awesome contributions to the discussion will be facilitated by a more elegant and user-friendly commenting interface by the end of January.

Additionally, I am thinking that posting "admin" messages in this space is also suboptimal. It uses space which should be allocated to real posts about science and such. If you're in the minority of readers who actually cares enough about your blog-reading experience to gripe in the comments, I invite you to subscribe to/follow my twitter feed, I'm gonna put "admin" related stuff there from now on. You can also send messages via twitter. Email is fine as always, but if you're someone who I don't recognize, there's a non-trivial chance that you'll stay at the bottom of the task stack and I'll never get back to you. I have my twitter feed on my Google homepage, so I am more likely to see random direct messages (as I noted earlier, I get a non-trivial number of messages from PR people, so it isn't unlikely that I'm forgetting emails in the "none of the above" folder).