Saturday, June 29, 2002

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Popularization of population genetics If you read Genes, people and languages or Seven daughters of Eve-check out Steve Sailer's review of Mapping Human History. He seems to give a mixed-review with a marginal thumbs up to the book. Steve points out something I hadn't thought of though, politically correct scientists like Cavalli-Sforza who deny the reality of race while studying it believe that the great dichotomy genetically is between blacks (Africans) and non-blacks (non-Africans), while old-line physical anthropologists like Carleton S. Coon generally held that the division was between East Asians on the one hand and blacks and whites on the other (the great African non-African gulf seems to be a consequence of the Out-of-Africa hypothesis). The word hasn't gotten out to everyone, check out this article in Interracial Voice (a journal for mixed-race issues) which trots out the old theory. Also, Steve mentions that race-mixture isn't a panacea for social ills. Hawaii for instance isn't paradise on earth (I have several friends that left the islands actually). Though there is racial mixing in Hawaii-it is quite often of a specific sort. Polynesians and Asians will intermarry with whites-but less so with each other. The dynamics of a multiracial (genetically and numerically) society still pose problems of identity it seems. So I gotta ask, when's Steve going to write his own book on this topic? He must have the contacts.