Sunday, July 14, 2002

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I'm loyal and brown! Oh yes-I am.... The estimable Eric Lien comments on the East Asian vs. South Asian controversy prompted by one Steven Sailer of soon to be North Los Angeles. I hear that this personage is white-a coincidence perhaps..... Mr. Lien says:
...some East Asians feel that South Asians' style of social interaction bears too much resemblance to the Euroamerican style - perceived as louder, less respectful, and less loyal to one's friends - which they joined monoethnic cliques to get away from in the first place....
If my complexion wasn't as brown as the earth itself-I would be red as the blood that courses so furiously through my arteries at this very moment. Do I not bleed when my brown skin is cut by the blades of your accusations? Do tears not stream down from my round eyes when my large lobed ears hear of your most mild Oriental aversion towards me and mine? My earwax might be sticky and not dry while my breath may stink of curry rather than soy, but do not the molecules in my body issue from the same rich brown soil of Mother Asia? Do I not feel the same rage when I see one of our lovely sisters arm and arm with an undernourished Caucasian unable to secure the affections of one of his own tall wide-hipped Valkyries? (Oh, you know who you are, I'll see you Monday my Valkyrie :) Until this insult is rectified, one Mr. Eric Lien shall be denied cab service in all major cities and lodging in Motel 6's throughout the country. Indian video store owners shall refrain from renting him films that display lovely quasi-Caucasian babes swooning in the arms of well-muscled bronze gods who sing joyfully as they slay their enemies to avenge a vague wrong. All Indians shall now insist on being addressed by Mr. Lien with their full names and titles- T. K. Ram shall now be Dr. Thattamakura Kolyaslamaram Raminavasnar. How can you compare me and mine to the whites of all races? Do you not know that my own ancestors suffered the cruel indignity of collecting taxes from our many peasant tenants so that we might pay tribute to our sahibs, our pale-skinned masters who brought us their stringent law and insufferable order? Yes, they told us that in return we were given dominion over the land and that their scientific methods would allow us to control our brown brothers with greater efficiency-but it was a lie! They betrayed us and turned their backs upon us! They gave us communism and socialism, they gave us egalitarianism and libertarianism, feminism and secularism, democracy and the proud Parsi. Our ancient rishis we turn away from to worship at the false idols of their "science," the old ways of village and hamlet, where the betters would receive the homage of their lessers is gone, the sahibs tell us now that all men possess the divine spark. The Wheel of Life now turns slowly as souls do spin it with the same vigor as in the days of yore when men died with grace and fatalism, unencumbered by the vagaries of the white man's ways of "healing" and "prevention" of "illness." Do they not know that we Asians are different from the white man? Whose eyes can see any reflection of me in their faces? One people, from the Indus to the Amur, from Ceylon to Siberia! Have you not heard Mr. Lien that their way is to divide and conquer? That from one flesh they shall make two with their ragged razor of discord? Ah, those exotic round-eyes with their big noses and strong odors, sly and clever at the same time. Do not doubt my loyalty Mr. Lien. I am there for all my friends-until the million dollar price is met, which I must say is a rather high value on friendship, no? Have I not shown you by my actions how respectful and subtle are my ways? Come and embrace me my Asian brother, let not the white man come between us (though I would make an exception for the white woman-sorry, I don't follow broz before hoz).