Thursday, April 06, 2006

Canada May Need Harry Reid's Advice on Immigration   posted by TangoMan @ 4/06/2006 09:32:00 PM

The Democratic Minority Leader Harry Reid blocked an amendment which would have made illegal aliens who were convicted felons from being eligible for citizenship:

Senate Democrats refused to allow consideration of an amendment yesterday that would bar illegal aliens convicted of felonies from obtaining U.S. citizenship.

Democrats said the amendment would "gut" the immigration bill under consideration in the Senate and refused to allow a vote on it. . . .

"I do not have to explain in any more detail than what I have as why I don't want to move forward," Mr. Reid said. "I don't agree with the amendment. I don't think it's going to benefit this legislation that is pending before the Senate and I'm going to do what I can to prevent a vote on it."

Meanwhile, across the norther border those uncouth Canadians seem to have missed the memo on how convicted felons are good prospective citizens:

Three men convicted of planning to bomb a Hindu temple in Toronto more than a decade ago were deported on Wednesday.

Barry Adams, Amir Mohammed Ahmed and Abdul Baqqer were arrested in 1991 while crossing the border from the United States. They were convicted in 1994 of conspiring to bomb a temple and an East Indian movie theatre. . . .

A spokesperson with Canada Border Services Agency said the men were kicked out of the country as soon as their 12-year prison sentences were completed.

Imagine holding the opinion that some people just aren't worth having as fellow citizens.