Sunday, July 30, 2006

Dick Lamm speaks   posted by Razib @ 7/30/2006 09:55:00 PM

I don't blog much politics anymore because I think most of it is trivial epiphenomena. That being said, I want to point to Dick Lamm's recent comments. Lamm says that this country is "overdue for a candid dialogue on race and ethnicity." No shit sherlock! Back in 1996 when Lamm tried to get nominated on the Reform Party ticket I was pretty supportive because he seemed like he wasn't much of a bullshitter. I didn't agree with everything that Lamm promoted (Lamm changed his mind on free trade to become a skeptic, I still support free trade in the generality as a good for this nation), but his candid manner and "straight talk" (before that term was trademarked by John McCain) appealed to me. Lamm is not your typical "straight talker" on race. He is an old style environmentalist, and as a Unitarian Universalist he isn't a rock-ribbed right-winger in the style of fellow Coloradoan Tom Tancredo (I'd be willing to bet money he's not a theist but a humanist). Only Nixon could go to China, and only sincere progressives in the old style can transcend the excessive sentiment which seems to the consensus as exemplified by the Democratic party and the George W. Bush wing of the Repulican party when it comes to quality of life and civilizational issues. I don't really read "political" books anymore, but I've just ordered Two Wands, One Nation. You'd figure with a name like Dick Lamm someone would think up a better title, but sometimes I guess we've got to go with substance.