Sunday, July 09, 2006

How does the autistic brain work?   posted by Coffee Mug @ 7/09/2006 02:22:00 PM

Found a video program on the topic featuring this autistic guy who writes poetry and some neuroscientists.

Crammed into our craniums, the three-pound human brain may be the most complex matter in the universe. And, scientists are learning more about how it works by investigating how it doesn't work. A 13 year-old young man named Tito Mukhopadhyay may be the Rosetta stone for autism, revealing what it feels like to be autistic. Joining host Robert Kuhn are Eric Courchesne, Professor of Neuroscience, UC San Diego; Portia Iversen of Cure Autism Now; Teacher Soma Mukhopadhyay; Erin Schuman, Associate Professor of Biology, Caltech; and Terrence Sejnowski, Director of Computational Biology, Salk Institute.

The transcript is here in case you can't watch videos. From the excerpts I think I might actually like his poetry. Maybe I just like the color orange.

Every time, like one day he wrote everything about orange, he got so obsessed with that, here he starts orange. "On a hidden back with orange sparks on little dust grains, orange on this and that. Orange on hidden wild flower behind a hidden rock, gathering time with ages to stay, green with gathering moss. Orange on a peeping beam, through the canopy green."