Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Most Hideous Transmogrification   posted by TangoMan @ 7/06/2006 03:23:00 PM

This is too good not to share - Razib takes on the persona of a more "enlightened" being. Could this be a Sokal Hoax in the making or have we lost Razib, as he transcends to a higher plane of being?

but don't you worry about the perpetuation of heteronormative discourse in a society where we are attempting to value individuals for their character rather than their physical features? this individual, for example, would have illustrated the problems with loss of functionality on the MC1R locus that is endemic to redheads without the distractions of objectification, and, reinforcement of capitalist & patriarchical values of "attractiveness" promoted simply to perpetuate arbitrary power relations. as a white male (generalizing from your photograph) don't you think you in particular can set a progressive example of sensitivity toward those who do not benefit from either your gender or skin color privilege? (speaking as an operational heterosexual non-"native" born male of color who does not benefit from white skin privilege and is excluded from the dominant patriarchal caste by virtue of my origin) one can argue that as highly depigmented individuals who often exhibit brown "freckles" redheads are themselves a demonized minority, a group "of color," so to speak, around whom negative folk mythologies have cohered (how many reheads have had to deal with the slur "firecrotch" during their adolescence?). in other words, they are the internal Other. haven't you read the book how redheads became Colored?

Later in the day, we see him getting used to his new liberal skin:

DFX: Plus, you're much better looking than PZ!

Razib: itz a sad statement of our culture that gratuitous comments about physical appearence are considered "amusing" by some.

When a commenter, who must obviously be blind to his own privledge, rebukes Razib, we see the full emergence of "Sensitive Man" with this comment:

DFX: Some might argue that it's a worse statement of our culture when people lose their sense of humor.

Razib: humor is the Privilege of heterosexist white males. perhaps the key is that for you "our culture" is bounded by your own eurocentric biases, while as a person of color i have to live every day with a culture of oppression.

I used to have to scour the darkest corners of the feminist and liberal blogospheres to find this kind of mindset, but now we have it close to home.

What, oh what, could be causing this hideous transmogrification? Could it be a satirical virus of some sorts, too much interaction with people who think like that, or something more sinister? If you ask me, this is a shout out for an intervention!

Update from Razib: I "explain" myself yo!